What are the differences between quartz stone and granite?


What are the differences between quartz stone and granite?


1.       Quartz stone is made of 94% quartz and 6% resin, Moh’s hardness reaches 7; and granite is made of marble powder and resin, so Moh’s hardness is generally 4-6, simply said that quartz is harder than granite, scratch resistant and wear resistant.

2.       When looking at the samples, there is a protective film on the surface of the granite while quartz stone does not need film protection.


3.       Quartz stone can be reused, because the internal material of quartz stone is evenly distributed, so both the front and the back are basically the same, that is to say, after the surface was seriously damaged by collision, simply polish and grind the front and the back it can remain as it was before, so the cost of maintenance are greatly reduced. Granite is not reusable, because its surface is specially made, once damaged itcan not be used. To put it simply, quartz stone is not easy to damage, but granite is easily damaged.

4.       Quartz stone is a non-radiation product, no harmful effects on the body; the materials of quartz stone are non-radiation quartz; and granite is made of natural marble powder, so there may be radiation, causing adverse effects on the body.

5.       Quartz stone is resistant to high temperature because of its own material characteristics. Temperature below 300 degrees Celsius will not have any effect on it, that is, deformation and fracture will not occur. Granite is particularly prone to deformation and surface scorching at high temperatures because it contains a large number of resins.